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Reflection 12

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AUTHORNoah Berlatsky

PUBLISHED Saturday, October 27th, 2012

First Impression: Article about the discrimination in sex

Quote from the article that struck you the most: “Chokeabitch,” “Niggerjailbait” and “Misogyny.”

5 things I’ve learned from the article:

  1. In Pakistan, Internet cyber-bullying and harassment of women is both endemic and largely unreported
  2. Sexism that are present online can exhibit sexual discrimination against young children.
  3. Online and offline sexism are somehow correlated but yet have different factors that makes it extremely harmful for individuals.
  4. To a Western oSEbserver, online misogyny in Pakistan just seems like an extension, rather than a break with, what we see as ugly cultural norms.
  5. The best solution for such discrimination would be education and consciousness-raising.

5 integrative questions:

  1. What are the different ways we can do to avoid discrimination?
  2. How can we give more empowerment on the movement against sexism?
  3. What are the ways we can do to avoid its perpetrators?
  4. How are we going to educate people especially young children who are very prone in accessing the internet to be aware of attackers that are present online?
  5. What are the legal actions we can impose with regards to online sexism?


                These article primarily talks about the issue of the negative implications of sexism and the violence that are exist within it. The country, Pakistan, is said to be one of the most infamous when it comes to the discrimination against sex. It is a very sensitive topic with regards to upbringing the unethical issue present in these discrimination. Like every other stereotypical issues about discrimination, sexism is another form of this kind of violence. I personally have witnessed these kinds of immoral context both in online and offline. In our country, especially nowadays with internet becoming more powerful than ever, I have observed that internet has also become one of the factors for aggravating the discrimination present here. From Facebook posts and other offending memes present around these social media, I can say that people tend to become more prone to exercising these bad behaviors’ knowing that they can gain more power over the internet. Such discrimination is present as well offline as we can see in the news about criminals who kill and rob etc. I agree upon saying that the use of the internet can cause “disinhibition” as said by Marwick based on the article. This is because I can personally say that I’ve experienced it and that it is true that online environment can create a mindset of intimidation and inferiority amongst oneself. I think the problem is also present amongst internet users whom with different experiences, good or bad that tends to be seen in when they enter into the online environment.


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