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Reflection 8

Page history last edited by Andrei 8 years, 8 months ago


AUTHORJohn D. Thomas

PUBLISHED Thursday, January 24th, 2013

First Impression: An article that involves convicted suspects

Quote from the article: “Mugs in the news: A collection of Chicago-area arrest photos.”

5 things I’ve learned from the article:

  1. There are many different ethical implications and complications surrounding posting pictures of people who have been arrested.
  2. Mug shots and arrest records are easy pickings for lazy journalists with cruel streaks.
  3. The story featured nearly 100 mug shots, many of people who could have been homeless, mentally ill or battered.
  4. If easy money is the primary motivating factor for sites like the Tribune to use these kinds of photo galleries, shock value is close on its heels.
  5. Ethical issue comes with publicly posting pictures of people who were arrested but not convicted.

5 integrative questions:

  1. How far does exploitation of information really a concern for unethical issues?
  2. How will these Mug shots affects the daily news which we believe to be reliable?
  3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of such information?
  4. Where can we subject the reason for the publication of these mug shots?
  5. What can the authorities do to take down such unethical actions?

                Primarily I find this article to have greatly involved lawful actions against exploiting suspects that are not yet convicted and proven guilty of some illegal action. Authorities, sometimes to the point of desperation to capture the alleged criminal take actions where in ethical issues are concerned. For example, exposing someone’s pictures and convincing or persuading others that the person being exposed is a criminal without proving the whole story can lead to false accusations which can actually bring damage to someone being accused. I think it is improper to make public actions such as posting mug shots of suspects because it something that is complete personal. Such records are also sensitive because it can violate some human rights where in there is biased in the actions of the authorities. People who are in such power should still weigh the options and be responsible of complying with the law which is above all, before doing taking actions.


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