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Reflection 7

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First Impression: An article about moral issues in the food industry.

Quote from the article: “They write things like ‘way over-priced’ on something that has a 2 – 3 percent profit for the owner or ‘didn’t taste good’ because they don’t understand what they’re eating and how it should taste,”

5 things I’ve learned:

  1. As a customer, I’ve should be knowledgeable enough to have an idea on how to make a fair review or opinion about the place that I’m eating.
  2. Not all reviews that we can see in food review apps represent the place as a whole.
  3. There are a lot of factors to consider before making a point on reviewing a restaurant.
  4. A study by Harvard Business School concluded that restaurants see business increase between 5-9 percent with an addition of one star from a Yelp review.
  5.  According to a Local Consumer Review Survey published on the Yelp official blog, 85 percent of all consumers use Yelp.

5 integrative questions:

  1. How can we turn such negative implications of bad reviews to a benefit us customers?
  2. What are the factors to consider before giving a say in a restaurant evaluation?
  3. What is the best possible way to make a good restaurant review?
  4. How can these review greatly affect businesses?
  5. What are the extra mile that we can get in using such apps?

                As a food lover, it is one of my struggles everyday on deciding where I’m going to take my lunch, or where would be the best place to have a date. One of the most important reminder that I’ve always say about finding a place to eat is to make sure that the place has a good service and delicious food. I think every customer are subject to be keen and sensitive when it comes to looking for a place to eat primarily because it concerns their health, but what can be alarming with it is the exaggerated reactions from food goers in making a review in a certain restaurant. An app called yelp, is one of the famous source of getting reviews from restaurants that are around the place. One ethical concern that can be deduced in using such applications would be the implication of the customer’s review to the food business that are receiving bad comments. The thing is, there is a lot of factors to consider before being able to give a good point on making a review about your experience in a restaurant. Some may say that they don’t like the services of that certain restaurant because they are having a bad day and it is unfair to give a bad rating in someone’s business just because you don’t feel the need to. Although this app primarily gives freedom to the consumers and probably based on the survey, food reviews coming from different persons seems to be precise and believable.


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