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Reflection 6

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AUTHORTerri Williams

PUBLISHED Monday, July 8th, 2013

First Impression: An article about the capabilities of geolocation

Quote from the article: “I’m not so worried about his privacy. He stole the phone.”

Five things I’ve learned from the article:

  1. There are some issues regarding the scope of cell phone tracking with individual profiling.
  2. Studying a person’s mobility patterns, it is possible to accurately predict future GPS coordinates.
  3. The “FootPath technology,” developed by British company Path Intelligence, uses antennas set up throughout the store to monitor signals from personal cell phones.
  4. Geolocation does not only involve user’s location but also personal information which is subject to invasion of privacy.
  5. Sorting some information can also lead to discrimination.

Five integrative questions:

  1. How far can geolocation tracking go in terms of its use?
  2. Does tracking knowing someone’s location subject to unethical action even though the person being track has a control of his switching his/her geolocation status?
  3. What are the advantages and disadvantages of geolocation?
  4. What are the security options we can consider in using geolocation?
  5. How can we avoid the discrimination in using geolocation?

                I think that geolocation have its own advantages and disadvantages at hand. Advantages of being able to track your devices would being able to find lost devices, viewing enough information for a good purpose and etc. The other thing is I don’t like the idea of sharing where exactly I went or where I am at for such things would seem that anybody can stalk me and come to the point where they would be able to locate me. I’d like to be able to utilize geolocation for certain instances only where it will help me to be informed and be able to secure such information for myself. Having to try to remember where I went or where I am is only one of the advantages of geolocation that I am interested. In addition, I would also like to know more about the legal and illegal actions correlated with regards to using these geolocation tools.


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