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Reflection 5

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AUTHOR:Noah Berlatsky

PUBLISHED Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

First Impression: Issues about the use of social media

Quote from the article: “Journalists and bloggers also often “quote with impunity” from social media.”

5 things I’ve learned from the article:

  1. There’s no doubt that for many purposes, social media posts are treated as public utterances.
  2.  According to Gershon, “Facebook, LinkedIn and many other social platforms allow people to have privacy settings that give them an illusion of control over who might be their audiences.”
  3.  Social responsibility is one way of being effectively moral in quoting with the use of social media.
  4.  Using social media at a young age can cause risks.
  5.  Social media accounts lacks proper guide of using it.

5 integrative questions:

  1.  What causes the use of public information unethical?
  2. Do you really have a control over your accounts in these social media?
  3. What does it mean to be socially responsible?
  4. As a grown up, how can we guide the young ones in using social media?
  5. How can we sure that our personal security is included in the terms of use of these social media?

                Social media such as different social media sites has led people to have the power to easily share or quote someone’s work and spread over the internet. Basically, everything we’ve seen in the feed is categorized as public and therefore can be viewed by anyone. Problem is, people tend to forget that we should still be responsible on what we share on these social media sites and comes to the point wherein they are being unethical or immoral in some cases. One example is when tumblr, “Hello there, Racists” imposed some information from personal posts from different users with their opinions about the topic. This is one way of being unethical to someone regardless of whether that user’s posts are good or bad.


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