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Reflection 4

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AUTHOR: Noah Berlatsky

PUBLISHED Tuesday, October 7th, 2014

First Impression: Bad implications of staring

Quote from the article: “When someone shifts the blame to me, do you know what I say? I say, congratulations, because that’s exactly what the perpetrator wants you to think. He wants you to think I am a dumb whore who makes poor decisions.”

5 things I’ve learned from the article:

  1. 1.       Stealing property is illegal and unethical
  2. 2.       Victims of child pornography suffer not just from the sexual abuse inflicted upon them to produce child pornography, but also from knowing that their images can be traded and viewed by others worldwide
  3. 3.       Child pornography is immoral and illegal in part because it involves ongoing violation and humiliation. The circulation of the child pornography also constitutes abuse.
  4. 4.       Looking at the pictures becomes a way to participate in the violation and humiliation of the women pictured.
  5. 5.       It’s worth noting that there is one case in which viewers of the nude pictures could face prosecution.

5 integrative questions:

  1. 1.       What are the ethical issues concerning hacked information?
  2. 2.       What are the actions that can be taken legally for violators of child pornography?
  3. 3.       How child pornography does greatly differs from other cases?
  4. 4.       Does looking at someone’s nude photos secretly a matter of ethical concern?
  5. 5.       How can these perpetuators be prosecuted?

                Basically the ethical issue imposed by this article involves the illegal act of looking to some private photos that aren’t intended for public viewing. Normally, people should not be invading someone’s privacy, but due lack of restrictions holding and for selfishness, people does not realize that what they are doing is wrong. Being humiliated by unwanted circumstances is like being taken for a fool. Browsing things such as nude images are without other’s consent will always be unethical for the fact that these pictures weren’t done for them. It is also a very serious matter when it comes to children who are exploited and abused. These would create a psychological damage and therefore could result to emotional distress. 


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