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Reflection 2

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First Impression: Robots that knows how to write.

Quote from the article: “I know that’s the age we live in. It’s instantaneous news. We have to be ahead of it. We actually have to make the news before the news gets made.”


                Implications of how amazing technology is when you realize that there is an existing software where it generates news as fast as possible. This technology is making a big impact especially for the people who are involved in the newspaper industry. Writers have been losing jobs on a recent study conducted by the American Society of News Editors and about 16,200 of them have lost theirs between 2012 and 2013. It is a good thing to know that this technology can make positive changes by being able to produce news quickly. With this technology, people would also be able to get information as fast as possible and be able to act react to it. I think the impact of this kind of technology can be helpful in our country particularly with helping the authorities in taking action on the crimes that are happening around. However, another issue that comes along with it is how this technology will affect those people who are involve in professional writing. The thing is it would be irrelevant to develop something that has a negative effect on the contemporary jobs that has been present for a long time.

5 things that I’ve learned:

  2. Robot journalists can quickly generate articles by using algorithms that collect information from approved sources and plug them into templates.
  3. Robot journalism has its advantages and disadvantages
  4. It is possible for publishing managers to alleviate tight budgets by employing increasingly sophisticated automated software.
  5. More sophisticated use of natural language software has also paved way for robot journalism to enter the world of book writing and poetry.

5 integrative questions:

  1. What makes it better for the news to be written by a software compared to a person?
  2. What are the things that both robots and humans lack?
  3. How does it going to make an impact to the news industry?
  4. How will it be helpful to the society?
  5. How does a software become full proof?


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